It’s hard enough to balance your “normal” life with work, family, school, kids and other daily obligations. Adding dating into the mix can make things even more complicated at times.(Ironic that we’d want to even bother, right?!)

Dating is supposed to be fun. There’s not many things that are comparable to the sparks you feel when there’s true chemistry or the initial butterflies you get in the beginning. But…It can also be incredibly confusing and frustrating, maybe even emotionally draining and painful. That’s what this site is all about, successfully navigating through all of that to make your life (and those that you’re involved with) much easier. But what makes me an expert on this subject, you’re probably asking yourself, right?Loriblu

Not only have I been through my fair share of nonsense, I actually have a background in behavioral science so I’m regularly reading and staying up to date on things regarding human behavior, psychology, sociology, motivation, behavioral disorders, personality disorders, etc. Specifically in dating and relationships, parenting, etc.
So this is not only a hobby of mine to analyze people, it’s also something I do within my career. I’ve been looking at patterns in people’s behaviors for years, much before I pursued a degree in it. But why do it if you can’t make a difference, right?
So sit down, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) or perhaps a nice glass of wine. Take a look at some of the topics and make your life a whole lot easier. Because best of all…unlike your family or friends, I’m not going to judge you.

Everyone wants to feel understood and it’s nice to know that other people are going through things or have went through things that maybe you’re going through now. Or maybe you know someone else that is. My purpose is to help you identify with that and try to empower you. That’s my goal here.
I really hope that you can find something that opens your eyes and makes you feel strong, confident and at ease so you can be as happy as you deserve to be. We all deserve to be happy, and we all want to be loved. So cheers to you on your endeavors, whatever they may be.
Should you have any suggestions on topics or content, including stories or experiences of your own, I’d love to hear them. I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible and welcome any feedback! I also encourage you to share this with others so they can take something from it as well.
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